Second graders are engaged in a wide variety of learning experiences throughout the school year. Second grade students at Pace work at becoming more independent learners and more responsible for their work and themselves.

Students are welcomed each day into a safe and orderly environment that is conducive to learning and encourages respect for all. They participate in morning meeting, which fosters a sense of belonging and ownership within the classroom, and sets a positive tone for each day.  Social skills and self-esteem building are emphasized.  They learn skills that help foster their confidence and boost their self-esteem. The students learn the importance of cooperation and how to empathize and get along with others.

Students experience a wide range of language arts themes including exploration, working together, creative ideas, our changing world, responsibility, and traditions. These themes allow for cross-curricular integration.  Science themes include, but are not limited to, space, habitats, life cycles, and forces and motion. Social studies units include, but are not limited to, traditions, heroes, citizenship, and economics.

Second grade students work through the writing process in whole group instruction, small groups, and one on one conferences with both their peers and teachers. They express themselves through creative writing, reports, and journals.

Mathematical thinking is taught through a variety of “hands on” learning, cooperative groups, problem solving, and individual learning. We explore the concepts and strategies of addition and subtraction, word problems, length and shapes, time, graphs, and arrays.

A lot of hard work is what makes our second grade program a success!