In Kindergarten, we focus on five core areas; phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension as units in our Reading Street series are explored. Students have the chance to explore both fiction and non-fiction stories and books throughout each of the unit themes.

Writer’s Workshop is designed to encourage creativity and risk taking as the students begin to grow into authors and illustrators. During Writer’s Workshop, the students are given the opportunity to write without interruption, placing emphasis on their ideas.

In math, students solve real world problems and situations through traditional approaches as well as learning their math basics (writing, counting, identifying numbers, shapes, etc.). Every lesson provides the opportunity to differentiate instruction based on individual needs of students.

Science topics and skills are developed through hands-on investigations and experiments. Acknowledging and celebrating the diverse backgrounds of our students and families is an integral part of our Social Studies curriculum. We also discuss citizenship, geography, government, economics, and our history.

Our Kindergarten classrooms provide a safe and nurturing environment where our students learn, grow, and have fun everyday!