Welcome to fourth grade! In fourth grade, the students will learn to collaborate with their peers on group projects. Students will be responsible for textbooks, folders, and notebooks. As the work increases, they will need to manage it more independently — that includes homework assignments in multiple subjects, as well as keeping track of those assignments and tasks.

In Language & Literacy, many books fill the curriculum, as fourth graders become sophisticated readers. They’ll spend long periods of time reading various genres and writing on their own. Fourth graders will relate characters and other story elements to their own lives, and empathize with the characters most like them. Fourth graders will strengthen their use of research tools, such as dictionaries, encyclopedias, libraries, and the Internet, to gather information independently on a topic.

In Math, fourth graders will read, write, compare, add, subtract, multiply, and divide with large whole numbers. They will learn to solve equations with fractions and decimals. They will solve multi-step problems and explore geometry formulas for determining perimeter, area, and for measuring angles. Fourth graders will solve conversion problems. They will read graphs, tables, and charts, but will also be able to create them from data they have collected.

In Science, the students will look at changes in the Earth over long periods of time, observing the water cycle, or understanding the interactions between organisms and their environment. They will also work on projects that ask them to build hypotheses and make predictions. Science topics will include matter and its different states, forms of energy, and the solar system.

In Social Studies, they will learn the history of New Jersey. Students will learn about the first people to live in the area, explore changes in state populations over time, and how different people and cultures have adapted to and influenced the state. Local and state government structure will be introduced, and students will learn about the government offices responsible for making, enforcing, and interpreting state laws.

Fourth graders can look forward to a school year filled with many wonderful experiences!