Fifth grade promises to be one of exciting learning with positive, successful experiences. The students will develop more independence along with greater responsibilities in preparation for his or her transition to middle school. Teachers, play a critical role in listening, reassuring and supporting the new individual that is starting to emerge.

In Language & Literacy, the students will read in a variety of subject areas. They’ll learn to analyze characters, plot, and settings, as well as to recognize an author’s purpose for writing and his organizational strategies. They will continue to develop their research skills by completing written and oral presentations. They will explore writing for personal expression, putting their feelings onto paper through poetry, stories, and song writing.

In Math, the students will learn to solve multi-step word problems, including problems relating to time, measurement, and money. They will divide complex whole numbers, with and without remainders. They will make connections between decimals, fractions, and percentages. They will also learn to multiply and divide fractions.

In Science, the students will become scientists who can observe and experiment to gather data and draw conclusions. Students will complete experiments that continue to build their knowledge of the scientific method. They will look at the Earth and its resources, and how people affect those resources. Fifth grade topics include Earth’s atmosphere and weather, the solar system, and classifying matter.

In Social Studies, they will learn about the people and events of early American history. They compare Native American and colonial experiences with present-day life, focusing on the differing cultures of each original colony. They learn why people moved to the United States and explore the routes and consequences of those movements.

Our students leave fifth grade well prepared to make the transition to middle school!